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First of all, 5I have been teaching English since 2004. I have lived in the U.K., China, Costa Rica and the Czech Republic. I have taught in private institutions, universities and online. My background is in business. I have a BA from Central Michigan University in Communications and Marketing, as well as, Cambridge CELTA certified. I speak Chinese and Spanish, so I know how difficult it is to learn a second language.

I produce Youtube videos, which you can view on my Youtube (and Youku) channel. The videos are designed to help you with grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and more! If you have a suggestion for a video, please email me. I’m happy to do special request videos depending on the topic, in order to help kids reach their goals in mastering the ability to speak English.

My future goals for this site is to offer grammar tips and more videos. All of these will be FREE to view. All you have to do is Like, Subscribe, and it’s always helpful if you share the information on Facebook and Twitter.

Method: Everyone learns things differently. Most kids hate the idea of learning a language. However, I make classes fun by using videos, podcasts, reading material and only give homework assignments when necessary (or if the parents request it). I give kids valuable information to help them improve quickly by using English in a more natural way. I don't like using grammar books, but I will if the student is having problems in school or upon the parents' request. Otherwise, classes are usually conversational based. I use games and stories to talk freely with students. Although if a student is studying for a test like a YLE exam, the classes are more structured to that test.

Classes for kids:  I help students with Cambridge English Exams: KET, YLE, PET, FCE and ITELT/TOEFL and I have experience with TOK.  I can also help with school projects, papers and essays.

Please visit my events calendar to find out about FREE events. I offer Grammar classes, Kids’ Story Hour, and Ely’s English Corner, which all offer tips and suggestions to help you improve. These classes are usually held September to November.

Please contact me  if you have any suggestions for videos or questions.